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About Us
Delmona products is produced using natural ingredients and without any additives.
The History of Lemonade: This Cyprus classic may have originated in medieval Egypt. The first written reference to what we know as today's lemonade was approximately 1000 BC in accounts of life in medieval Egypt. By the 1100s, trade in lemon juice in that region was quite large, and by the thirteenth century, bottles of lemon juice with lots of sugar, called qatarmizat, were both consumed locally and exported.

One hundred years before the American Revolution, the precursor to the lemonade stand was formed when a company called Compagnie de Limonadiers in Paris was granted monopoly rights to sell lemonade, which vendors carried in tanks on their backs and served in cups -- making lemonade one of the first commercial soft drinks

For something so rooted in our culture, it's interesting to learn the origins of lemonade come from medieval Egypt. The first documentations of this "sugar water and lemon" drink are in the chronicles of a Persian poet and traveler named Nasir-i-Khusraw (10th century). Also, it is documented in the Cairo Geniza (records of the medieval Jewish community in Cairo from the 10th-13th centuries) that bottles of lemon juice, "qatarmizat," with sugar were traded locally and also exported.

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Delmona Global Trading, continues to grow every year in the field of manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, and exports. Its production in the sector, particularly as one of the leading organizations in Northern Cyprus citrus products in domestic and continues to progress as a representative in overseas.

Our Vision
Production, sales, marketing, finance and export areas are improving better each year to become one of the leading organizations in Northern Cyprus. Thereof; we believe that to achieve the consumer expectations with a strategy, healthy development, and universal standards of quality and by offering products and services.
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